Git has been a miracle in the world of software development. Git has enabled a much smoother flow for large software projects; allowing thousands of developers to work simultaneously with the same source code while avoiding the often massive pitfalls that earlier version control platforms were unable to avoid.

Pre-Git, it was common for two developers to accidentally work on the same file at the same time. At the time, the only way to fix such an error would be to painstakingly sift through the diffs (a method of comparing the two versions of the same file) and attempt to patch them together. Git solved many of the issues large developer teams faced by creating a distributed repository system wherein the repository was duplicated across multiple machines. With a unique method for tracking changes made to the files and comparing these changes across the entire distributed repository - such heinous issues quickly became a scarce and unusual occurance.

Due to Git's unique design, it occasionally gets used for purposes other than software development.

Giterature is such an occasion.

Using Git as the foundation of a massive multi-disciplinary & multi-donor literary platform was nothing more than common sense.

Making a world-wide multi-author literature creation platform presents a massive opportunity for our world.

Over the past several decades, as the internet has become more and more a platform for expression, we've seen a massive number of works of art make their way into the public eye which would have never even been considered otherwise. Andy Weir's, 'The Martian' was refused by a number of publishers. It wasn't until Andy decided to put the book up on his website for free that it was recognized for its brilliance. 'The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect' is another example. Though there are differing reports as to Roger Williams' attempts to publish the work - it was the facilitation of the internet that ultimately lead to its explosion in popularity.

I often wondered at how many brilliant literary works were born within the core of genius only to die, unappreciated in an attic somewhere - long fogotten. We've left too much of the decision of what would benefit us to the minds of publishers and editors whos driving force is the bottom line.

Phobos Technologies' overall goal is to put a stop to such stiffling and damaging paradigms. Giterature, in particular, has been birthed to halt such a mentality in the world of literature and education.