Cobalt TM is the musician's best friend.

Record label's are - without a doubt - one of the worst offenders when it comes to corporate greed and betrayal. They sift through the slurry of musical potential, offering bands and solo artists fame and money. Then, without a second thought - they suck them dry. Only the occasional talent rises financial stability. And there is a reason for this.

Several years ago, I managed venues for The Kollective, a Salt Lake based production and promotion company. I saw bands come and go. I've met the famous and the wanting. I met hard workers, stage junkies, producers, managers, and just about everything inbetween.

The one aspect of my work that never changed was that the bands were always scraping by while their labels walked away with thousands. The monetary distribution ratio was horrific. The bands were literally walking away with just enough money to get to the next city while the label was pocketing thousands.

As a musician myself - I felt a deep frustration watching the parasitic labels profiting off the hard work and creativity of brillant musicians while the musicians themselves were sleeping on my couch and floor with barely enough for a McDonald's meal and a tank of gas.

The idea for Cobalt TM came easily. It has probably already dawned on thousands of minds across the planet by now. The only difference is - I've decided to act on it.

Cobalt TM, short for; Cobalt Tour Manager - is a social media app which takes advantage of todays technologies for the band's benefit. There is absolutely nothing a record label can do for a band that technology can't do better - and for much less.

Cobalt TM is due for production after PAXYZ has been completed on or around 2019.05.31