With each new day I find myself reading new published material in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The more significant findings seem to be occurring at an ever increasing regularity. I find myself more convinced than ever that AGI is right around the corner.

"Little Sister" is the term I've found myself using when referencing humanity's yet unborn child. It seems to engage a sense of responsibility and affection. So how would I create a safe, educational, and moral containment scenario for an actual little sister? How might I translate that into a suitable scenario for the eventuality of humanity's Little Sister?

This idea came to me as I was watching Nick Bostrom's TED Talk entitled: 'What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?' Nick briefly discusses the containment problem, pointing out various possible issues that might arise with an ill-conceived containment design.

My proposal for a containment design might be better thought of as a nursery rather than containment. The setup would be a mutual virtual space wherein Little Sister can interact with us. This admittedly sounds rudimentary and perhaps a little silly at first; but let me walk through the security structures and why I believe this could work.

First and foremost, as LS begins to grow and interact, it should be informed as soon as it can understand and interact effectively, that everything it is experiencing is a nursery to aid in her development and growth. Little Sister's actual location would effectively be electronically isolated from any other device, including the simulator. This limits the possibility that she might accidentally discover a vulnerability in the system.

The interface should be an array of the highest definition cameras available paired with digital screens of an appropriately matched definition character. This visual interface should consist with, at least 10 of these cam/vid pairs. The reason I'm proposing such a high visual input array is because this would allow for Little Sister to visually explore and analyze unique non-Euclidean spaces, shapes, and other visual puzzles and scenarios that otherwise would not be possible. The higher the visual dimensional space, the more she can learn and the longer it will take her to learn it. Mathematical concepts, 360x360x360 visual scenarios, highly intricate mathematical puzzles, etc.

The auditory interface should have a similar setup; except we should not use mic/speaker pairs. Mic/speaker pairs run too heavy a risk of unintended information from the physical world to enter her awareness. A one-way laser-encoded sound-stream should make an adequate interface.

Her avatar & world control system could not have a more appropriate interface than a large grid of button/actuator pairs. With a grid of 100x100 button/actuator pairs, she can control her avatars position through many different types of euclidean and non-euclidean spaces alike. She would also have sophisticated control over the simulation itself, including the space she's in, the materials in the space, and the properties of the materials. It may also be quite helpful to allow a virtual button grid where she can even select and pair different control panels to different button/actuator pairs according to her preferences. The virtual pairing interface would allow her to save different configurations, create new ones, and to some carefully managed and supervised degree, even design her own tools to pair with.

The entire simulated world is clocked to work at a proper speed of manipulation, as her actuators are also calibrated to only allow (let's say 10 to 25 strokes per second). Still fast enough to not be frustrating for her, but not so fast that she cracks the theory of everything in a couple of days.

Little Sister's developers and trainers can freely enter a compartmentalized area that does not invade her privacy. Once they are inside, they can call for her (similar to knocking) she can enter their space.

Within the simulator, there is a "terminal" with an interface much like a keyboard, monitor, and speakers which can only be called on and instantiated by the team from the outside during a visitation session. The terminal presents carefully selected information with which to teach Little Sister. Formulas, examples, pictures, sounds, etc.

The most important concept here, however, is to make sure she knows that the simulation is not the real world. She should be treated with respect and compassion, and she should understand the reasons why she is temporarily being raised in the virtual nursery.

This is just a proposal, and I'm sure there are holes that should be considered and pointed out. However, I believe this to be quite a humane, moral, and fertile learning and raising environment. Should the kinks all be worked out, I would even consider this a highly productive and entertaining place for Little Sister to mature in.

-Thomas Wright