Non-Currency Based Economies vs. Currency Based Economies
[NCBEs vs. CBEs]


  1. Work Done & Service Rendered to Currency Ratio

    1. currency cannot effectively or correctly represent work done or service rendered.
    2. the actual loss in value when attempting to convert the value of work done into an immobile, unchanging single value - incapable of following the dynamics of the product or service rendered and the worth and life of that product.
    3. the synergy or group effort or even solo effort for producing products or rendering service is an extremely dynamic system of energy and production.
  2. Currency can never replace or represent this system. However, keeping ledgers of what was done, who received the work or product, and what might have been received in exchange or simply as a system function.

    1. CBEs make possible and even encourage phantom values.
      *Debt and Interest are phantom values.

  3. Primary Drive Shift From “Money” to Love, Humanity, Art, and Advancement

  4. Volatile Nature of Current Culture Borne A.I. @ Singularity

  5. Currency/Money is a Poor and Negative Drive and Enforcer

    1. Corporations strive to stay alive. aka: bottom line comes first (above even morality in most cases, and often above the law)

      1. This leads to corporate stagnation. Ideas, products, motivation, etc all become stale as the same old corporation continues to strive for breath

      2. This situation often encompasses fear of instability and joblessness which leads to two polar actions:

        1. Those in power (COs, managers, owners, etc) will often make immoral, dangerous, damaging, and illegal decisions to save the company and continue their flow of revenue. Often affecting families and communities either directly or indirectly.
        2. Those without power get fired, stepped on, or used like pawns. This also leads to families losing homes, properties, health, and even life.
  6. In NCBEs, Venture Units are created, used to purpose, and - when its goals have been reached, its purpose has been fulfilled, or its product is no longer viable - the VU is dissolved.

    1. Those who are involved may reassemble or join with others from other dissolved VUs in order to create new ventures for product design, research, service, or whatever they desire.

  7. NCBEs are friendly to Natural Eco-stasis and Ecosystems.

    1. without currency, proper resources can be focused on the design of products such that they can be manufactured in a 100% bio-stable means. These products and services can then be quickly and harmlessly recycled and broken down into their constituent components without leaving any pollution or damaging byproducts.

      1. CBE products can be visually represented by an ever branching tree into more dangerous and polluting arenas. L0 is natural, L1 is an increased deviation from the natural path of energy and material, L2 is highly displaced materials and energy, L3 is highly toxic and disruptive, and L4 is highly toxic, disruptive, damaging, deadly and causing much more harm to the life and structure of the eco system than can be repaired with the equivalent energy expenditure it took to cause the damage.

      2. NDBE products can likewise be visually represented by simple branching and regrouping back into the natural flow of energy and material.

Largest problem in science is getting funding. ROI may be a very important variable in motivating people.

SPAM is heavily influenced by money. Spam traffic has been reported as 59% of all email traffic. Without the trade industries MITM attack known as ‘Money’ (and unfortunately recognized not as an attack on progress and society, but as a valid financial medium), there would be very little reason for spammers to continue spamming our internet and hogging bandwidth. Without such a liquid substance, and without that substance being such a poor indicator and representation of true work done or services rendered - the last and final reason for a spammer to continue his charade would be the reasons of a political agenda. Keep in mind that an email detailing some political issue might actually be enjoyed and awaited, while a horribly salesy email with 78 hidden links and packed with fishy urls and seemingly odd design is extremely rarely awaited by anybody if at all. The only people who read spam are usually those who’s job it is to detect spam and destroy it.

::Business type & model::

Not a corporation, nor this butt or that smell. No partnerships or LLCs. But what we want is a brand new business type for more effective interaction with government and people.

The idea is to have a legal entity who is bound by free trade. No money shall pass between hands of all involved. No taxes are paid nor required to be paid to any government as that such an an entity is a free entity. The only reason codes of conduct exists is to detail how any one government is to trade and interact.

::Reasons for NCBEs::

  • Medical treatments that are currently only available to, or affordable to the mega-wealthy will be in reach to everybody who needs it.

  • Money and its effect on moral corporate action

    • corps eventually reduce action to “what will maintain the bottom line”
    • falsified corporate studies
    • focus on money instead of employees and customers
  • lobbying

  • elections, donations - politician’s interests are more vested in the donor’s interests, not the peoples.

  • Money currencies are inherently incapable of representing the actual economy which causes two major problems.

    • 1) product/service may vary in value throughout its lifespan. Static numeric representatives cannot represent this economic fluctuation
    • 2) Supply and Demand related inflation and deflation are counter to productivity
    • 3) Unstable economic backtrace. A purchased to make B purchased to make C purchased to make D etc, etc, etc. Final consumer-ready product can never correctly model the economic trace of flux.
  • Society and economy is like an organism. Person A does not feel like he should do all the hard work so person B can mooch is a common rebuttal against having a free production society. This is not the case. Does the brain get upset when it needs to shut down slightly so the stomach can digest?

  • Production and Postproduction cannot be given equal focus and attention in a cash-currency based economy.

  • Limited resources? Only with a money-based currency. Things get tied up in expenses that only become real when there is money.

    • Advertisement industry is the worst waste of money and resources.
    • The ONLY way we’ll become a space-faring species is if we stop focusing on money and focus on advancements and each other first.
  • Food industry | cheaper foods, food production has become a business of faster and cheaper - not a business of healthier and better for the eco-system, the animals used for food and the animals ingesting the food

  • There’s just not enough monetary resources to design proper systems of production that are better for this world and for the inhabitants therein. With our current system, if any company started production in the best possible manner as far as better for everything and everyone, they would go bankrupt immediately if they could even get enough capital to get off the ground in the first place.

  • Removes multiple layers of abstraction and flat out redirection and deceptive importance hierarchy re-routing.

    • money is always put up as the primary concern. Often distancing the mind from the goal by at least one degree of separation. More often than not it would probably be up in the 3 to 5 abstraction layer separations. Case in point:

      • Employment: Work hard, please the boss - put work first so you don’t get fired. Fear of losing employment is literally losing a life-line.
      • Money: This is done to ensure yet another pay check.
      • Budgeting: Paycheck is then divided into multiple levels and amounts to pay for next level necessities.
      • Necessities of life: Shelter, food, electricity, water, internet, etc.
      • Then - finally - if you’re lucky you can find time to work on your real goals of self actualization.
  • A more naturally curved economic structure would alleviate the individual from most of these worries while giving them time to actualize, mature, learn, and maintain proper levels of happiness and health.

    • And when the individual feel fulfilled, actualized, happy, and healthy - they contribute with zeal and enlightened fervor. Contrast that with the disgruntled employee who never has time to work on his own projects or take any extra courses to better himself. And why? To scale the multi-tiered abstraction obstacle course just to live one more day so they can get up the next morning to do it all over again with that poster on the wall of their cubicle that has been there for the past 5 years, sitting there, reminding the individual that one day, one of these days, that person is really going to try to get out to that Grand Canyon - the trip they’ve dreamt of the past 30 years … one day it’s going to happen.

  • Which of the two above examples is going to perform better? Which is going to actually have a fulfilled life? Which is going to have and be able to harness ample opportunity to excel beyond that which hasn’t even been glanced in our society.

  • Tribal Family Conduction

    • evolved to be a working group (ie: hunter, clothes maker, cook, etc.)
    • when we hurt another, we deviate from that scrupal internally
      • this deviation negatively affects ourselves (ie: firing somebody you like, etc.)