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Thomas Wright is the founder of Phobos Technologies. He is the creator and software engineer behind all of the Phobos Tech.

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Matthew Speer is the Human Relations Manager. Since he came on board, things have begun to move quite a bit faster in the general desired direction.


Phobos Technologies LLC

Founded: July 2nd, 2018

In short, we are a high-tech humanitarian company. Phobos Tech is a scientific research and development startup based in Sandy, Utah. We specialize in engineering unique hardware & software solutions to answer some of humanity’s oldest and most puzzling problems.

Phobos Technologies was founded with one main goal in mind: to develop The AI STEM Drive. However, due to the fact the the research and development costs for such a monumental project would even put a strain on Google, I have compiled a list of projects for development which will act as profit generators. The first, I am proud to say, to meet completion and be put into production is PAXYZ SMS.

Our Purpose and Mission

Our primary objective is to functionally deploy ‘The Dharmachakra Initiative’ (aka: ‘The Mango Tree Initiative’) which is composed of the following three project:

    • Giterature & The Omni Scientia
    • Torrent University (a student-run higher learning model)
    • The AI STEM Drive and the preliminary proof of concept: the ‘STEM Prime’ & ‘Terra Prime’ simulations


We are confident that with the proper efforts, a full implementation of The Dharmachakra Initiative has the capacity to:

    • Kickstart material & energetic post-scarcity
    • Reduce political and corporate corruption to a whimper
    • Exponentially accelerate scientific research and discovery
    • Completely eliminate world hunger 
    • Enable global self-actualization and social auto-actualization
    • Reduce the majority of mental and physical health issues to easily managed social annoyances

Understandably, these points may sound like impossible pipe-dreams. For that reason, we encourage the reader to review the cited research and carefully consider each proposal. Due to the nature of this project and the enormous amounts of time and resources we have and will dedicate to these projects; we also encourage the reader to submit corrections and criticism. We believe that an endeavor of this magnitude is immediately doomed to failure without consistent self-humbling and objective review and criticism.   

In order meet the financial requirements for these projects, Phobos Technologies will be working diligently over the next several years on several stepping-stone projects designed specifically to be capital generators.

Our Logic & Reasons

Several years ago when I began programming professionally, I had the first real taste of how easily corruption sneaks into the corporate environment. Year after year, job after job – I never once found myself in an environment of honesty and fairness with customers and employees.

I was asked by managers and owners alike to help them conduct business in a way I did not feel comfortable with. Often there were conversations about how to avoid refunding money after a displeased customer attempted to return a product we had shipped them.

One company hired only LDS (Mormon) employees. The only reason I was able to get a job at that time was because the manager over the dev team that was hiring had begun to lose his faith. Looking to understand virtue and worth outside of his waning faith, he decided to hire me. It was an incredibly uncomfortable environment. I was even accused of drug use after posing an existential question to another employee.

It was in the back of this particular building where I took my lunch breaks to meditate. During one experience, another company that was renting the back of our building happened to have some visitors. Because I had the door closed and the lights off, nobody suspected somebody might be in the office I was in. That fact became obvious when I heard the CEO of this biotech company talking to his visitors right outside the door. I was upset to hear him say, “Oh, no – the trick is to get your meds on the selves as soon and quickly as possible. That’s the only way to make enough money to handle all of the lawsuits and still come out on top.”

Another employer requested that we store sensitive customer information, including credit card numbers, on an unsecured server without encryption. The reason given was simply, “The upkeep is just too much.” During my time at this company, our ITO was fired on the CEO’s command. The reason she was fired? The call center had just hired a woman with very little experience and even less intelligence. However, apparently all you need to climb the rungs all the way up to the CEO’s personal secretary with a six figure salary in less than a month, is an intellectually void giggle and some cleavage. It was an utterly disgusting episode. I starting to think that the recipe for a sociopathic dirtbag CEO is to hire one with the name “Jeff”. Get this, ever Saturday, he had a “Come Meet Your CEO” breakfast.

That’s probably enough stories for now. After years upon years of dealing with corrupt individuals and being forced to conform to their destitute requests, it started to finally take its toll. Heavy depression set in, I began abusing substances just so I didn’t have to feel the sickness inside, knowing I was helping truly evil financially rape their customers. In 2016, I made the decision to never work for another corporation again. In 2018, I made the decision to never work for another person again. My “heart” is lighter, I am happier than I’ve been in the past 15 years, and I’m finally doing something that will help others.

So, what does this have to do with starting Phobos Technologies?

The main reason I began Phobos Tech was to finally begin development on a system I slowly began to piece together and gather supporting research on, The AI STEM Drive. After several years of study in college, and even more self-education afterwards; I began to realize that the reason corruption exists is almost completely due to the structure of society.

After tracing the research from paper to paper and theory to theory; the clarity of the situation became so vivid, I just couldn’t keep avoiding it.

As with any new idea, we’ll have to continually tune and adjust it’s structure in order to find the maximally effective form. But as to whether or not it will work at all? I’m more certain of the veracity of the AI STEM Drive than I have ever been of anything. Not to say I’m 100% convinced. As a scientifically minded individual, it would be foolish to allow myself to “know for sure” that it will work. However, the sheer volume of time-tested research in multiple fields of study that wholly support the STEM network is baffling. In fact, I have yet to come across any research in psychology, sociology, physics, economics or neuroscience that call the STEM Drive into question.   

Throughout history, humanity has consistently surprised itself with the capacity to endure unthinkable hardships and conquer colossal obstacles. Despite the apparent strength and fortitude of the human collective; sociological, psychological, and neurological research has indicated multiple sources of substantial resistance.

We believe with good reason that we have identified the fundamental causes for the majority of these impediments as well as several technological innovations capable of minimizing (and in some cases completely eradicating) a large portion of these issues.

Previous attempts to remedy these social ills have ended with catastrophic failure; and, until recently with the advent of deep-learning, have been inherently impossible.

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