The A.I. S.T.E.M. Drive

A smart city AI core designed to maximize efficiency and productivity, minimize energetic and material waste, perfect capitalism, catalyze the actualization of each individual's potential, and obliterate corruption - all while maintaining and prioritizing privacy, happiness, and progress.

The culmination of over 10 years of careful observation, analysis, and thoughtful planning.

The AI STEM Drive is the embodiment and expression of the founding principles and initiatives of Phobos Technologies LLC.

In essence, this project is the focal point around which everything we produce and release gravitates.


The security of humanity's future lay in the hands of education.

This Git-based literary project aims to usher in a radical new era where the world is the publisher and the editor - and everybody is an author.

One of the major motivations behind Giterature is to produce the world's first and only; top-tier quality, fully comprehensive, and constantly updated open-source text book: The 'Omni Scientia'.


Torrent University

Our goal with T.U. is to produce the worlds first fully accredited open source university.

The structure and function of our school is based on decades of collected educational and sociological research.

With the removal of time constraints, an emphasis on the quality of knowledge retention, and our unique student-instructor requirement;  the degree of achievement of our students and graduates will be of a previously inaccessible caliber.

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Now Open For Business
I'd like to post this possibility for entertaining the notion that faster than light communication is possible through the mechanisms of quantum entanglement. The concept that differentiates this idea from the usual presentation is that this method depends on collapsing the system; not trying to find a way to read the system without collapsing it.

To Realize A Dream For A Better World

I see the potential in humanity and wonder why we seem to dawdle when it comes to making changes for the better. I know we are capable of so much more. A large majority of my life has been spent pondering the critical nature of realizing our potential.

Much of the work done here at Phobos Technologies LLC is geared toward radical new ideas and methods of reformation to bring about the best in everybody.

Personally, I'm not in this to make money. If I need to hold a 2nd job for the rest of my life just to keep this dream alive that someday, something I produce here will bring about enough of a change - then I will.

My dream is to see poverty completely remedied and a post scarcity work born. I dream of a system that doesn't just discourages political, corporate, and scientific corruption - but provides a format in such a way that any form of corruption just is not something anybody would want to do anyway. I dream of the highest levels of education made available to every single human who desires to progress themselves intellectually. I dream of a system that enables each and every human being to fulfill their dreams and have all of their needs met such that self actualization is within reach for everybody - not just "the priveleged".

Here's the kicker - I believe I've found a way. Until I can complete and prove my ideas work, Phobos Tech projects such as Giterature, The AI STEM Drive, and Torrent University will be my life's work.

- Thomas Wright
Owner - Phobos Technologies LLC

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